Near the trail is a man who has a home with a gate. I imagine that either this man has been harmed in his life or he expects to be harmed. His property is filled with no trespassing signs and the signs that you can buy at the store that say "this property is under video survelliance" with a picture of a camera. I often speculate that people just buy the signs and have no cameras, but this one, I believe.

His house is set back from the road and he has a perfectly blacktopped driveway. And a gate. Now, for some reason, although I have never owned a gate like this one, I know it is an expensive gate. It is a lovely forest green powder coated gate with copper tops on the posts. It has a cable and lock. It is a beautiful gate. And it is the perfect size for his driveway. It is a gate to make someone feel safe.

But, here is an odd thing. There is no fence. None. No matching forest green powder coated fence with copper tops on the posts. No wood fence like many of his neighbors. No chain link, no wrought iron, not even barbed wire.

And anyone can just walk around the gate to his home.

I wonder why he doesn't have a fence. Does the gate and his video survelliance and no trespassing signs make him feel safe enough that he doesn't need to put up a fence?

I am too scared to ask him.

Because people with no trespassing signs and video survelliance and incomprehensible gates scare me.